Why New Zealand Can Claim To Be The Best Coffee Makers

New Zealand is the greatest coffee making country in the world, just remember who invented the Flat White and took it to the world. Yes, that’s right Australia, it’s as Kiwi as Russell Crowe and Crowded House.

However, to make the perfect coffee all you need now is the perfect machine, and the clever folk at Top Reviews.co.nz have identified the stunning Reneka Life Group Machine as one of New Zealand’s finest!

No doubt judging was pretty simple when you consider the Self Tamping and Automatic Milk Steam features, the two main variables that contribute to inconsistent production.

So no barista needed to make a quality flat white? I guess that means our friends across the Tasman can even make a decent cuppa these days… Do we tell the Aussies about what this machine can do, it’s not like they’ll lay claim to our greatest exports would they?…

Check out the Reneka, read what the good people of Top Reviews had to say and contact us now for a demo.