How to Clean a Coffee Machine

There’s more to making tasty coffee than grinding beans and frothing milk – when it comes to commercial coffee machines, good hygiene is key to producing excellent results.

Not sure how to clean your professional commercial coffee machine? Our experts have put together the ultimate cleaning guide video.

Steps to Clean a Professional Coffee Machine

Use a blind filter to flush out your machine’s internal system. This process involves back-flushing water and cleaning solution through your machine this helps to remove old coffee oils that can build up in the machine . (rinse your machine with water following this step to remove chemical residue).

1.Use a cloth to wipe down your machine’s steam wands. Unscrew the tip of each wand to remove milk from the inside of the cylinder.

2.Remove your grinders hopper and wash out to remove the chaff, thoroughly dry the hopper before installing back on the grinder.

  1. Unscrew the group handle, filter basket and shower heads (you may need to use a screwdriver).

4.Place these parts in a container filled with a mixture of cleaning solution and water. Leave them to soak overnight

Remove the drip trays, wash them and leave them to dry overnight.

Back-flushing Your Coffee Machine

Cleaning your coffee machine by back-flushing it with cleaning solution or tablets is a simple process. The best thing about this technique is that it helps assist in the removal of coffee oil residue on the group heads and internal workings. No matter how much time you spend wiping down your machine’s exterior components, the quality of your product will start to deteriorate if you neglect its internal parts.

All you’ll need is cleaning solution, water and a blind filter. Designed to seal your coffee machine’s group head, blind filters keep water inside your coffee machine during the back-flushing process. Once you’re done back-flushing your coffee machine, be sure to do a rinse cycle with just water to wash away any residual cleaning solution.

Even though most commercial coffee machines are suited to back-flushing, the steps involved can vary depending on your make and model. Always check your machine’s instruction manual before cleaning your coffee machine.

Dismantling Your Coffee Machine

Taking your commercial coffee machine apart might sound like a hassle, but it’s essential to getting the best cleaning results. To disinfect your coffee machine properly, be sure to remove the following components so they can be soaked and cleaned.

• Bean hopper (this is the container where coffee beans are stored before being fed into the machine)
• Internal chamber
• Filter baskets
• Group handle
• Groups head (also known as the brew head)
• Shower screen (also known as the group screen)
• Drip trays.

Different models come with various parts, but the items listed above are included with most commercial coffee machines. You may need a screwdriver to remove some of the components, but detaching them shouldn’t be too difficult. Make sure you take note of where everything goes so you don’t get confused when putting your coffee machine back together.

Wiping commercial coffee machine steam wand

Sterilising Your Steam Wands

Removing scorched milk from your coffee machine’s steam wands is one of trickiest aspects involved with the cleaning process. Wiping down the outside of a steam wand might make it look clean, but there could still be milk stuck on the inside of the cylinder.

Failing to clean this part of your coffee machine properly can prevent the flow of steam and clog up the steaming system. In addition to minimising your machine’s efficiency, clogged steam wands give coffee a weird flavour.

To ensure your coffee doesn’t take like sour milk, here’s how to clean your steam wands:

1.Wipe down the outside of you steam wand with a cloth (do not scrap with anything sharp, stainless steel will scratch!)

2.Unscrew the tip of the wand, make sure the end of the wand is free and clear (small pipe cleaners are available to clear the holes)

3.Replace end of wand, purge wand to ensure all blockages have been removed.

This process should leave your coffee machine’s steam wands clean as a whistle.

Please refer to your equipment user manual for further instruction.

Coffee Machine Cleaning Products by Essential Coffee

Keeping your coffee machine spotless is easy with the right equipment. Browse Essential Coffee’s range of cleaning products to take the hassle out of cleaning your coffee machine. From lubricants to sanitisers, we’ve got every kind of cleaning product you’ll need to keep your coffee product hygienic and delicious.

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