How to make the ideal single cup.

It’s a crying shame to waste perfectly good coffee. The coffee feels it too. We can practically hear it crying as it is poured down the drain. Some folk have told us that they have heard cries of “save me!” and “I can be better!”

Producing a great long black isn’t as cut and dry as it sounds. Luckily for us (and you) you’ll never have to experience this heart-break of watching your delicious elixir spiral down the drain again. Read on to find out how.

Typically a long black has 120-180mls of water shot poured on top of the water. In that exact order. Made well, it’s a well-balanced drink, and not as intense as an espresso. The long black allows the flavours to shine without the safety of sugar or diary to hide in. The long black tastes best as it cools slightly from boiling to a drinkable temperature. Only then will you be able to perceive some of the finer nuances and sweetness of the coffee. You may be surprised to know that some long blacks are at their best stone cold, who would have thought!

The long black is the perfect way to enjoy lighter specialty espresso roasts as the extra water lets the flavours open up a bit. You get the fuller mouthfeel of an espresso – and the chance to linger over your brew.

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