Re-using Coffee Grounds: Easy Simple Ideas!

Used coffee grounds are the ideal item to reuse around the home, yard, craft project or even in our health and beauty routine. These days, we’re all about recycling and reusing items to reduce our footprint and save money. Becoming increasingly averse to the notion of a throwaway society, more and more innovative reuse ideas are popping up.

Instead of throwing used coffee grounds out, why not reuse them in order to provide additional benefits. It’s easy and makes really good sense.

Here are some simple coffee ground reuse ideas:

In the Home

Coffee can be used to:

  1. Absorb food odours in the kitchen by placing old grounds into a small container and popping into the fridge or freezer.
  2. Clean hard to shift food on pots and pans with coffee grounds by tapping into its abrasive qualities.
  3. Fill vases with coffee and soil instead of water. For cut flowers, place into a mix of coffee and soil to make the flowers last longer and help absorb nasty odours.

In Your Garden:

  1. Repelling pests in the garden, such as ants, snails and slugs. Just sprinkle coffee grounds around the areas in your garden you’re having problems with to repel the pests.
  2. Garden fertiliser for some types of plants, such as azaleas, hydrangeas and roses.
  3. Garden compost due to it being rich in nitrogen. Those all-important worms in the compost are also attracted to coffee grounds .

For Your Crafts:

  1. Dye from the stain of ground coffee can be used to colour things a nice golden honey tone. This can be done on cloth or even paper to give it that old-worldly appearance.
  2. Pin cushions can be filled with dried coffee grounds. By placing pins in the coffee, it will prevent them from rusting.

In Your Health & Beauty Routine:

  1. Skin scrub by either placing coffee grounds in water or adding to natural oils or olive oil.
  2. Facial masks can be made of a mix of coffee grounds with honey, milk and cocoa powder.
  3. Soap can be made with coffee grounds to provide a beautiful scent and the qualities that coffee provides.
  4. A cellulite fix by mixing coffee grounds with water and scrubbing the area for ten minutes, two times a week.

So, think twice before throwing away your used coffee grounds. There are so many ways you can reuse coffee grounds for the benefit of your home, garden or personal appearance.

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