The Best Commercial Coffee Machines For Your Business (And Questions To Ask Before Buying One)

When you’re looking for a commercial coffee machine it’s easy to get lost because of how many options are out there.

That’s why we’ve compiled all the information you need to for a better understanding of what barista commercial coffee machines are. We stock a variety of coffee machines to suit your needs, from home use to large businesses.

We know what’s on your mind when you’re looking for a new machine.

  • “Will I have enough money for the right model?”
  • “Will repairs be expensive?”
  • “How do I know this is a good quality machine?”

All of these are valid questions that we’re going to address in this guide, so keep reading to find out the answer.

Which questions should I ask?

There are 4 key questions you should ask, don’t keep them to yourself otherwise you could end up with the wrong fit. Let’s see exactly what these questions are.

What do I need the machine for?

The purpose for your chosen machine is integral, you need to consider how often you’ll be using it and what your desired output level is.

How often you use it will affect how long it will last. Smaller budget-friendly machines are best suited for homes and small businesses as the wear and tear will be minimal. While constant use, in a cafe for example, will require a sturdier machine.

Your needed output will determine the size of the machine you need. In an office environment the machine might be used consistently throughout the day but there is no need to make multiple coffees at the same time. In this case you’re still able to choose a smaller machine, saving you both space and money.

What’s my budget?

When deciding to purchase a commercial coffee machine for sale, your budget is a key factor. Commercial coffee machines can start at $3000 and go all the way up to $30,000.

Every machine has different functions and coffee grinding capabilities. Cheaper machines will not be able to keep up with a high traffic business while more expensive models will be overkill for a small business.

Buying may not always be the right option either. Some companies may offer short and long term rentals. If you’re new to the coffee game or if your machine is out for repairs then a short term rental is also a viable option.

Will repairs be expensive?

When it comes to repairs, it’s a good idea to ask us about replacement parts and repairs during its warranty period. If the warranty is still valid, your machine will be sent in for repairs and replaced with a short-term loan machine to keep you operating.

Here at Essential Coffee, we have offices in all major cities and we carry all the spare parts to keep you producing delicious coffee.

How do I know this is a high-quality machine?

Since 1932, Reneka has been producing hand made coffee machines in Alsace, France. Their machines are state of the art, hand made products, which are known for their performance and easy upkeep.

The commercial coffee machines we have come in many forms and sizes to fit your home, office or business. They range from 1 group, meaning one coffee being made, all the way to 3 groups for busy store.

Reneka coffee machines range from entry level machines all the way to advanced models as well. Depending on what model you purchase, it could be in your best interests to view a demonstration of the commercial coffee machine in Melbourne.


Single group coffee machines are a great entry-level coffee making machine. These provide the same quality coffee but on a smaller scale which can be used for home, offices and small businesses. It is a perfect commercial coffee machine for Hobart’s quieter business areas

Reneka Viva 1

The Reneka Viva 1 is a single group machine with a 5.8-litre water tank. It is a great entry-level coffee machine and even better for the untrained barista. This little machine packs a punch and is great for home use and for small cafes. It’s built in technology brings consistency and quality every time.

Even though it’s a smaller machine, it doesn’t skimp on the features, here’s what you get.

  • Aroma Perfect for self tamping
  • Barista steam automatic milk frother
  • A programable volume hot water outlet
  • 1 and 2 cup short coffee cycles
  • 5 electronic microprocessor selections.

The Reneka Viva 1 comes in either black and stainless which can fit in any modern setting. But if you like colours that stand out, try the hot pink version.

Cleaning is a simple task with this model. The attachments easily pull apart so you can wash them in warm soapy water. Some parts like the milk frother and the drip tray will need to be submerged in warm soapy water to remove any excess milk and coffee residue.

The dimensions for this model are W:430mm x D:510mm x H:510.

Reneka Compact 1

The Reneka Compact 1 is a great retro edition and it comes in multiple colours and configurations which are available on request. This 3-litre compact machine is the next step up from the Reneka Viva 1. With this model there is some initial training involved to be able to create a perfect coffee.

Although it’s a compact model it doesn’t compromise on performance, but it does help you save space! Here are its main features.

  • Superb performance to size ratio
  • Aroma Perfection self tamping
  • 4 programmable doses for coffee and water extraction
  • Optional latte attachment with automatic milk frothing

Like it’s counterpart, cleaning is a breeze. Its attachments easily pull apart so you can get into all the nooks and crannies, keeping your machine spotless. Other parts like the milk frother and the drip tray will need to be submerged in soapy water for a few minutes in order to dissolve any excess residue.

The dimensions of this model are W:345mm x D:470mm x H:435mm. These models are great for an office setting as a commercial coffee machine in Brisbane.


The 2 group coffee machines have dual coffee making attachments. These can make 2 coffees at the same time which are good for busy offices and businesses alike.

Reneka Viva 2

The Reneka Viva 2 is the next step from its smaller counterpart, the Viva 1. It has twice the coffee-making abilities with the same aroma perfect brewing capabilities. This guarantees optimum tamping pressure.

Some of these features and benefits include:

  • Micro sieve for enriched flavours and body
  • Automatic brew head to adjust the coffee amount
  • Automatic barista milk steamer
  • Dual steam options
  • 5 electronic selections and temperature control settings

The attachments easily pull apart on this model so you can wash them in warm soapy water. While you will need to submerge the milk frother and drip tray in warm soapy water to remove any excess milk and coffee residue. Once cleaned and dry, just reattach so it’s ready to use.

The dimensions of this model are W:710mm x D:510mm x H:510mm. These models are perfect for a small to medium setting as a commercial coffee machine in Adelaide.

Reneka Compact 2

The Reneka compact 2 offers brilliant technology along with its retro design. It is small in size but it comes with the same inbuilt performance qualities as the other larger models.

Here are some of its best features.

  • Compact yet powerful
  • 5.2-litre boiler with easy insertion into the brew head
  • Perfect coffee extraction is ensured with aroma perfect technology—no tamping required.
  • 4 programmable doses with optional Latte Art technology
  • Auto milk frothing to create creamy textured milk every time.

With minimal training required for this model the two programmable buttons available will make this commercial coffee machine in Perth a dream to use.

Taking this machine apart for cleaning is easy. All you have to do is remove the attachments like the milk frother, brew head and the drip tray. submerge the parts and wash them by hand with warm soapy water. This will ensure it is ready for use time after time without any problems.

Dimensions for the Reneka Compact 2 is W:425mm x D:470mm x H: 435mm.

Reneka Life 2

Reneka Life 2 has a 10 litre water capcity and comes with everything you need to make the perfect coffee. With this model you won’t need to purchase more equipment which will keep your workbench clean and tidy and keep more money in your back pocket.

Its built-in function give you more time to deal with customers. Plus, the button configuration dramatically reduces repetitive strain wrist injuries, keeping you and your staff healthy. With its automated function this machine produces tasty, creamy milk to compliment the perfect coffee.

Here are some of the best features from this standout model.

  • Easy to read LCD screen with built-in lights
  • Aroma perfect self tamping
  • One-touch steam and hot water
  • Automatic barista steam function button for automatic milk textures
  • IQ clean which makes cleaning an easy task
  • Cup warmer
  • 5 programmable selections per group
  • Microprocessor and eco standby to reduce running costs

Due to its IQ clean function, time spent taking apart the machine for cleaning is drastically reduced. Only the smaller parts like the milk frother and the drip tray will need to be cleaned in warm soapy water.

Due to its size, the dimensions are W:710mm x D:510mm x H:510mm and the weight is 70kg.

Reneka R80

The Reneka R80 is the king of its class with all the bells and whistles. This 10 litre, 2 group commercial coffee machine has advanced technology yet to be seen anywhere else. With its unrivalled performance, sleek design and elegant style, this will look the part in any business setting.

This model has both automatic and manual selections to fine-tune the coffee to anyone’s pallete. Here are some of its best features.

  • Select your tamping options on the LCD screen.
  • Automated control pressure profile and coffee extraction cycle. This creates the desired aromatic body, with a full-flavoured coffee.
  • 7” inch colour touchscreen
  • 4 different programmable hot water temperatures
  • Pressure profiles
  • Cup warmers
  • Tempered glass
  • Steam levers
  • Multi boiler system.

Cleaning doesn’t get much easier with this state of the art coffee machine. With a few parts detached and warm soapy water, you can have this up and running again in no time.

The dimensions come in at W:800mm x D:630mm x H:510mm.


Reneka Life 3

The Reneka Life 3 is the largest coffee machine we have on our list and it is identical to the Reneka Life 2. This model comes with a big 16.5-litre capacity water tank. This is a stand-alone machine and it has all the features you need so you won’t have to purchase any more equipment.

Here are some of the best features of the Reneka Life 3.

  • Aroma Perfect function with a self tamping brew head ensuring precise extraction quality.
  • Latte Art technology with Barista steam function for automatic milk texture
  • 5 selections per group while eliminating coffee-producing errors
  • Eco standby function to save on running costs
  • Temperature sensor to create perfect hot milk for lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.

It has electronic control cleaning and 2 programable functions which can clean the brew head. While the rest of the attachments can be cleaned in warm soapy water.

The dimensions of the Reneka Life 3 are W:940mm x D:510mm x H:510mm.

Above all, the Reneka models are all state of the art, regardless of which model you choose. We have brochures on all of our models and customer support to help advise you which is best suited for your needs.

All of our Reneka models are installed by our technicians while explaining step-by-step what every function does. Demonstrations, machine services and ongoing technical support are available to all of our clients. So you can keep producing quality coffee for your customers.

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