What does your coffee say about you?

Here at Essential Brands Group, coffee is a very important part of our day. It’s the beverage of choice to start the day, (after a hot water and lemon, of course) and, like most people, it’s what keeps us on our toes and ready to tackle the day.

Personally, my go-to is a skinny latte which is a popular choice for most coffee drinkers. I’ve never stopped to think what my choice says about me. I mean, it’s just a coffee right? Well, some say there’s another way to look at it. And that’s putting a connection between your favourite cup of joe and your personality traits.

Let’s break it down:

Espresso – The Minimalist

If you down a short or long black, you’re probably made of the tough stuff, and are a ‘meat and two vege’ person who and like the simple things in life. You want to appreciate the taste of the coffee without milk and sugar masking the flavours. You’re straight up and tell it like it is. Or, you’re the type of person who wants it all, now. An espresso delivers you this. Anything more slows you down.

Latte – The Artist

You’re laid back and chic. You like to take your time with your coffee and enjoy the flavour and ‘oooohh’ and ‘ahhhhh’ when you’re presented with your brew decorated with latte art. You appreciate the craftsmanship, after all, there’s an artist inside you dying to get out. You believe there’s something quite satisfying about curling your fingers around a takeaway cup and gently sipping away. You want to make this delicate combination of a fresh coffee extraction teamed with steamed milk last. It’s like a hug from Mum. When was the last time you called her, by the way?

Flat White – The Classic

You’re almost as chic as the latte drinker, but you don’t really appreciate and don’t have time for the fuss and time that it takes to create flowers or hearts with the milk. You just want your coffee. After all, you’re not going to see the art when there’s a lid covering it, are you? You like things as they should be. Milk and coffee. Black and white. Hot and cold.

Cappuccino – Social, Creative and Optimistic

You are multi-layered, just like a cappuccino. You can have multiple conversations at once and keep track of each and every one. You don’t want to miss a thing. You like the addition of the foamymountain on your coffee, it takes you back to your childhood when you raided the fridge and created creamy mountains with the spray cream. Since it’s ‘not the done thing’ as an adult you settle for frothy milk instead. Sigh, it’s tough being a grown-up.


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